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VCY America
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TypeRadio network
United States
BrandingVCY America
OwnerVCY America, Inc.
by Vic Eliason
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Voice of Christian Youth America, a.k.a. VCY America, is a traditional, evangelical Christian ministry based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The VCY America Radio Network maintains a format of Christian talk and teaching, as well as traditional Christian music through all of its broadcast outlets.


Originally known as "Milwaukee Youth For Christ," and later, "Greater Milwaukee Youth For Christ," it left the national YFC organization in 1973 and became known as the Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth (WVCY) until 1995, when it changed to its present name.

Radio Network[edit]

The ministry operates 31 VCY America-owned radio stations in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin and 25 low-power translators, along with operating three stations through a local marketing agreement through a debtor in possession in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and the San Francisco Bay Area, while it waits to purchase those stations out of their former owner's bankruptcy.[1] VCY America radio also provides programming such as Crosstalk, Worldview Weekend, and Music 'til Dawn to stations throughout the country via satellite.


VCY America's radio programming includes Christian Talk and Teaching programming, among them:
*Crosstalk, hosted by Jim Schneider and formerly by Vic Eliason
*Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse
*Grace to You with John MacArthur
*In Touch with Charles Stanley
*Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers
*Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
*The Alternative with Tony Evans
*Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom Report
*Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee
*Joni and Friends
*Moody Radio's Stories of Great Christians[2]

VCY America also airs a variety of vocal and instrumental traditional Christian Music, as well as children's programming such as Ranger Bill.[2] Notably, the network (including WVCY-TV) eschews any programs featuring Contemporary Christian music, and has dropped programming which has switched to it in any form, including as theme music.


The network also runs WVCY-TV (Channel 30) out of Milwaukee, which does hold a commercial license but is completely viewer/listener supported. As of January 2018, it is carried under a channel share agreement with commercial station WITI after it vacated its former independent frequency in the FCC's spectrum repack auction, the proceeds of which ($76.3 million,[3] plus donations and bookstore purchases since) have been utilized to expand VCY's radio network. WVCY is also carried in the Wausau market via translator W26EE-D in Wittenburg. WVCY was notable for rejecting a 1994 offer to be purchased by the CBS Corporation in order to become the market's CBS affiliate in the wake of the 1994–1996 United States broadcast television realignment.

Other efforts[edit]

The ministry also operates a summer camp, near Hillsboro, Wisconsin, called, "Trail Ridge Camp"[4] as well as its religious bookstore, with a physical location in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee, and its online presence.


The ministry is run by a team formerly headed by the late Vic Eliason, a former Youth for Christ worker, ordained Christian minister and a recipient of an honorary doctorate from Bob Jones University, in 2001.[5] Jim Schneider is the current Executive Director.[6]

List of stations[edit]

– Indicates stations currently run under a local marketing agreement with Patrick Communications through receiver W. Lawrence Patrick, the debtor in possession as they await full acquisition by VCY America.

Call sign Frequency City of license State Class Power
(m (ft))
FCC info
KVCP 88.3 FM Phoenix Arizona C1 22,500 304 m (997 ft) FCC
KVCC 88.5 FM Tucson Arizona A 1,500 115 m (377 ft) FCC
KREV 92.7 FM Alameda California A 6,000 100 m (330 ft) FCC
KRCK-FM 97.7 FM Mecca California A 1,600 174 m (571 ft) FCC
WLUV 1590 AM Loves Park Illinois D 500 (day)
13 (night)
WPTH 88.1 FM Olney Illinois A 2,900 61 m (200 ft) FCC
KVCI 89.7 FM Montezuma Iowa C1 100,000 151 m (495 ft) FCC
KVDI 99.3 FM Huxley Iowa A 5,300 95 m (312 ft) FCC
KVCY 104.7 FM Fort Scott Kansas C3 16,000 125 m (410 ft) FCC
KCVS 91.7 FM Salina Kansas C2 11,500 228 m (748 ft) FCC
WVCN 104.3 FM Baraga Michigan C1 100,000 262 m (860 ft) FCC
WVCM 91.5 FM Iron Mountain Michigan A 500 183 m (600 ft) FCC
WQRN 88.9 FM Cook Minnesota C3 16,000 70 m (230 ft) FCC
WQRM 850 AM Duluth Minnesota B 50,000 (day)
14,000 (c.h.)
KVCS 89.1 FM Spring Valley Minnesota C3 12,000 138 m (453 ft) FCC
WRVX 91.7 FM Cameron Missouri C2 27,500 116 m (381 ft) FCC
KIRS 107.7 FM Stockton Missouri C3 11,700 146 m (479 ft) FCC
KFRH 104.3 FM North Las Vegas Nevada C 24,500 1,128 m (3,701 ft) FCC
KVCN 106.7 FM Los Alamos New Mexico C0 44,000 592 m (1,942 ft) FCC
WJIC 91.7 FM Zanesville Ohio A 6,000 97 m (318 ft) FCC
KVCF 90.5 FM Freeman South Dakota C2 9,000 246 m (807 ft) FCC
KVCX 101.5 FM Gregory South Dakota C1 100,000 195 m (640 ft) FCC
KVCH 88.7 FM Huron South Dakota C1 60,000 161 m (528 ft) FCC
KVFL 89.1 FM Pierre South Dakota A 400 113 m (371 ft) FCC
KVCE 92.7 FM Slaton Texas C2 33,000 182 m (597 ft) FCC
WVIW 104.1 FM Bridgeport West Virginia A 2,450 158 m (518 ft) FCC
WVCF 90.5 FM Eau Claire Wisconsin A 1,600 112 m (367 ft) FCC
WVFL 89.9 FM Fond du Lac Wisconsin A 1,000 117 m (384 ft) FCC
WVCY-FM[a] 107.7 FM Milwaukee Wisconsin B 43,000 161 m (528 ft) FCC
WVCY 690 AM Oshkosh Wisconsin B 250 (day)
77 (night)
WVCS 90.1 FM Owen Wisconsin C3 1,900 153 m (502 ft) FCC
WVCX 98.9 FM Tomah Wisconsin C0 100,000 300 m (980 ft) FCC
WEGZ 105.9 FM Washburn Wisconsin C1 100,000 226 m (741 ft) FCC
WVRN 88.9 FM Wittenberg Wisconsin C2 25,000 147 m (482 ft) FCC


Broadcast translators of VCY America
Call sign Frequency
City of license State ERP
(m (ft))
Class FCC info
K293AO 106.5 Alamosa Colorado 250 34.8 m (114 ft) D FCC
K214DE 90.7 Antonito Colorado 10 731 m (2,398 ft) D FCC
W213AW 90.5 Charleston Illinois 55 46 m (151 ft) D FCC
W287BY 105.3 Rockford Illinois 135 90 m (300 ft) D FCC
W249CX 97.7 Duluth Minnesota 250 164 m (538 ft) D FCC
K292FX 106.3 Joplin Missouri 250 60.7 m (199 ft) D FCC
K203EZ 88.5 Alamogordo New Mexico 10 509.1 m (1,670 ft) D FCC
K218AK 91.5 Artesia New Mexico 63 18 m (59 ft) D FCC
K207CQ 89.3 Gallup New Mexico 100 12 m (39 ft) D FCC
K211CW 90.1 Hobbs New Mexico 57 99 m (325 ft) D FCC
K250AB 97.9 Roswell New Mexico 50 42.5 m (139 ft) D FCC
K220CE 91.9 Ruidoso New Mexico 82 918 m (3,012 ft) D FCC
K212EH 90.3 Silver City New Mexico 2 461 m (1,512 ft) D FCC
W232CQ 94.3 Cambridge Ohio 13 108 m (354 ft) D FCC
K206EQ 89.1 Brookings South Dakota 250 41 m (135 ft) D FCC
K258AG 99.5 Mitchell South Dakota 250 86 m (282 ft) D FCC
K293BQ 106.5 Sioux Falls South Dakota 250 22.8 m (75 ft) D FCC
K278BK 103.5 Watertown South Dakota 250 78.2 m (257 ft) D FCC
W286DS 105.1 Appleton Wisconsin 120 68 m (223 ft) D FCC
W216BL 91.1 McFarland Wisconsin 120 30 m (98 ft) D FCC
W211AU 90.1 Monroe Wisconsin 13 105 m (344 ft) D FCC
W260DL 99.9 Oshkosh Wisconsin 155 83 m (272 ft) D FCC
K208FO 89.5 Prairie du Chien Wisconsin 205 19.6 m (64 ft) D FCC
W275CH 102.9 Ripon Wisconsin 13 96 m (315 ft) D FCC
W235AG 94.9 Sheboygan Wisconsin 18 95 m (312 ft) D FCC


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